Programme Theme









The Future of the Seafood Industry

  • The business of seafood
  • ASEAN seafood industry: past, present, future
  • Intra-regional cooperation in the Asia Pacific region
  • Industrialisation 4.0 and seafood

International Trade

  • Potential trade barriers in developing countries
  • International sustainability standards
  • Technical obstacles
  • Preventing losses and preserving quality in seafood cargoes

Digital Globalization of the Seafood Industry

  • Impact on production processes
  • Impact on consumption processes
  • Digitisation for sustainability in seafood
  • Impact for maritime ecological sustainability

Women in the Seafood Industry

  • Role of women in seafood industry/fisheries
  • Gender specific constraints
  • Solutions for equitable place for both genders




Consumer Protection and Food Safety

  • Seafood Fraud
  • Logistical costs
  • Healthy protein
  • Sustainability of seafood supply in the emerging economies

Fishing Governance

  • Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing
  • Sustainability certification in global markets
  • Regulating the international supply chain
  • Fishing communities and seafood labour
  • Adaptive management of coastal ecosystems

Food Security 

  • Keeping seafood edible
  • Post-harvest loss and waste / Full product utilization
  • Stock enhancement and sea ranching
  • Novel ocean products
  • Protein for the poor





  • Aquaculture and food security
  • Role of technology in aquaculture
  • Aquaculture-related diseases and biosecurity
  • Responsible and ethical cultivation
  • Recreational fisheries and eco-tourism

Environmental Concerns

  • Aspects of Climate Change affecting the seas
  • General pollution and its impact on the seafood industry
  • Microplastics and other high-impact pollution in the oceans
  • The logistical and environmental impact from seafood sourcing
  • Overfishing and ecosystem degradation

Responsible Seafood

  • Transforming small scale producers: fisheries and aquaculture?
  • Sustainable aquaculture feed
  • Seafood traceability in Asia
  • RESET : Feasibility in Southeast Asia/Asia

Multi-Regional Perspective for Delivering

Sustainable Development Goals

(Social and Ethical Issue;

Comparisons of Regional Solution)

  • Sustainability of small scale fisheries
  • Community-based fish farming
  • Identification of enabling and disenabling social and cultural factors affecting aquaculture
  • Resilience and social thresholds in small-scale fishing communities
  • Social and economic impacts of sustainable intensification

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