Abstract Format

Research abstracts are invited for the WSC2019. The scientific committee will decide on the suitability of submissions for oral or poster presentation. Accepted abstracts will be published on the Proceedings of the conference.

Instructions for preparation of abstracts:

All abstracts must be in English and should not be longer than 400 words. Please download the abstract template given and follow the format carefully for your abstract submission.

Title: The title should be centred at the top of the page, 14-point type, in bold and in CAPITAL LETTERS, with the exception of scientific names which should be in lower case and italicized.

Author(s): Indicate the presenting author with an asterisk (*).

Address and Email: Type all author’s affiliation and full address. Only type presenter’s email address.

Margins: Leave a 2.5cm margin to left, right, top, and bottom.

Spacing: Single spaced.

Fonts: Character fonts should be Times New Roman 11-point type.

Submit your abstract via the online registration form.

Who should attend

All individuals who are interested in fisheries and aquaculture are invited.

- Academicians, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, industry players, policy makers and seafood lovers.

Poster Presentations

The poster should convey highlights of a study in a format that can be easily read and comprehended in a short period of time, i.e., 3 to 5 minutes. The body of the poster would have 300 to 400 words. It must be readable from a distance of 2m. Graphs need to be carefully designed so that they are readily comprehended.

Elements of the Poster:

    The presenter is free to include or exclude any elements relevant to the poster.

    Title: The title should be short and fit across the top of the poster. Authors’ names and affiliations appear below the title.

    Abstract: This section is optional. If authors decide to include an abstract on the poster, it should not exceed 200 words.

    Introduction:Keep this section short and clearly state the objectives.

    Methods or Experimental Design: Keep the text to a minimum. Use graphics where possible.

    Results:Graphs (figures) are preferred over tables. Include captions with graphics. Tables should not exceed four columns. Keep statements brief.

    Conclusions or Implications: Limit this section to a few bulleted statements.

    References: Include the references at the end or bottom of your poster. Use numerical citation and number references in citation order.

    Acknowledgments: Include this section when appropriate.

    Poster Dimension and format

    Overall size: The preferred size of the poster is A0 (841mm x 1189mm (33.1" x 46.8") in a portrait format. Please ensure that the poster is in English.

    Font type and size: Character fonts should be Arial; use the same font type throughout.

    Title : 72 point or larger and bold; keep it short, not more than 80 characters including spaces.

    Authors’ names and affiliations: 48 points.

    Section headings - 36 points, bold.

    Text - 28 points.

    Graphs and tables - all numbers and labels 28 point or larger.

    Graph bars and symbols – use colours; avoid cross hatching.

    References - 20-24 point.

    Acknowledgments – 20 to 24 point.

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